"This is the power of the pure of heart! Of all of humanity. This is Tengen Toppa Freaker Lagann. JUST WHO THE FREAK DO YOU THINK I AM?!?!" - Freddy Freaker during his final fight against Tiny Man

Freddie Freaker is humanity's last hope against the Tiny Man's armada. He must rally his fellow animatonics to battle against these god damn midgets



Freddie Freaker is a yellow imp demon with 4 hands on each finger,no toes and big ears.


after being injured by Tiny Man he now has several tears revealing his wiring,a hook to replace one of his missing fingers and an eyepatch to cover the demon Tiny Man put in his eye socket


Doing the Freak

a powerful attack,rivalling the Tiny Man Shuffle in terms of pure power. Freddie Freaker does the freak causing an immense shockwave of energy to attack all those not pure of heart.

Call Now

a sound-based attack,Freddie shouts "CALL NOW ONE-NINE HUNDRED FOUR NINE O FREAK" causing anything in its range to be asplode

His Theme Song



Freddy freaker

Freddy freaker

his broken theme                                                                                                            his normal theme