Foxy the Pirate Fox 1.2 is a highly enhanced version of the original Foxy. He is more clever, more sly, faster, stronger, and thinks quicker. Foxy 1.2 holds a strong hatred towards humans, and will kill any human. 


Foxy 1.2 has the same appearance of the FNaF 1 Foxy, crimson fur with a tan muzzle, chest, and inner ear fur. He has yellow eyes and wears an eyepatch on his right eye, along with orange shorts. Foxy 1.2's legs are bare endoskeleton.

Foxy The Pirate Fox 1.2
Foxy the pirate by gforgolden-d8s3mu2
Full name Foxy the Pirate Fox 1.2
Species Animatronic Fox
Gender Genderless (Actual character gender is male)
Occupation Formal Entertainer
Location Backstage;Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Color Crimson


Foxy 1.2 was made after the Bite of '87, since the company thought they could make a safer model of the original Foxy. Once Foxy 1.2 started spotting Mike, he was already murder filled. After many reports of Foxy 1.2 killing off and stuffing all of the new coming night guards, he was discontinued and then there were none replacements anymore. After the arrival of a female Foxy and a young Foxy, Pirate Cove was taken away from 1.2 and so he was forced to live Backstage.


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