The Plushie of the one by the name "Foxy" is in almost every single Freddy Fazbear's Pizza which is up for Kids to get by winning tickets. The Foxy Plushie is about 1000 tickets to achieve, same with the other Plushies. 

However, times through Nights, the Plushies including the Foxy Plushie act weird, as when the Guard checks the Camera with the Plushies visible, they sometimes change stance/pose, and sometimes, can appear in the Guard's office.

The Foxy Plush is like a Camera, the Animatronics sees through it's eyes once it's in the Office, capable of watching what the Guard does to make sure they get ready to Pounce.


The Appearance of this Plushie is that he is a Plushie typed Foxy, which it's appearance is the Fixed up Foxy.

The eye colours are yellow