"Hey welcome back! Uh did you see a tortoiseshell cat in the back room? She was a animatronic we were thinking to use to scare robbers, but the person who made her made the claws so sharp. She just activated and clawed one of our employees. You need to keep watch of her. She is dangerous, so please be safe, okay? Her name is Forest, and she might work with that other animatronic. Okay have a good night. Bye- Bye."

~Phone Guy on mentioning Forest on Night 2, FNaF 3

Forest is an animatronic in FNaF 3. She isn't a phantom animatronic like the rest, she is instead the spirit of a child killed before Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, and the reason Freddy's shut down


Fluffy tortoiseshell female cat with white belly that goes up to muzzle, black tail, black ears, white paws and yellow eyes.


Name: Forest, Theresa (Name at Death)

Gender: Female

Age: 7 at Death

Species: Animatronic


She has the same Jumpscare as Springtrap.


She is kind, but she has a temper with animatronics and Nightguards. She is helpful and can get easily annoyed with Nightguards and Animatronics. If she is annoyed she will attack the Nightguard or Animatronic.


Her are a few quotes she says


"My name is Forest"

"Can you just stop?!"

"Help me… Please…"

"Oh Hello Springtrap…"

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