Fluffy is a dragon animatronic who originated from the FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Series.

Fluffy is a bipedal dragon animatronic who was created by the many-named creator. Fluffy is currently contained in a cell in a private galaxy, unseen to anyone other than the creator and those she creates.


Fluffy's body is pale blue in colour with yellow highlights such as wings, tail tip, back spikes and horns. He has green eyes that can turn into endoskeleton eyes, which are black, white-pupiled, glowing eyes.

He is more cartoon-styled than realistic, having a rounded snout and large eyes. He occasionally dons a red bow-tie, a gift to him from an old friend, when performing. His horns appear to act like normal animatronic ears, moving up when he is happy and down when he is getting angry or upset.


Attention! This information is unlike some information from other pages. This section is to reflect Fluffy's personality rather than to reveal the way he would move if he were in a standard FNaF game.

Fluffy is half-mad. His fractured mind holds memories of an old and cheerful self. He is unusually angry for unknown reasons. He is strangely giggly all the time, chuckling to himself as if he told a flat joke.


  • He originally had Spyro's color palette.
  • Fluffy is infamous on other wikis because he was originally overpowered.
  • His creator states that she "never really liked Fluffy, so I created Prixy and Finn as a sort of replacement."
    • She later brought him back, though.
    • Fluffy also seems to have a habit of haunting the creator’s thoughts and dreams.

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