Fluffy is a dragon animatronic who originated from the FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Series.

Fluffy is a bipedal dragon animatronic who was created by Prixyfox, also known as Showtime.


Fluffy's body is pale blue in colour with yellow highlights such as wings, tail tip, back spikes and horns. He has green eyes that can turn into endoskeleton eyes, which are black, white-pupiled, glowing eyes.

He is more cartoon-styled than realistic, having a rounded snout and large eyes. He occasionally dons a red bow-tie, a gift to him from an old friend, when performing. His horns appear to act like normal animatronic ears, moving up when he is happy and down when he is getting angry or upset.


Attention! This information is unlike some information from other pages. This section is to reflect Fluffy's personality rather than to reveal the way he would move if he were in a standard FNaF game.

Fluffy is usually cheerful and bouncy, helping friends in need and generally being kind. He does get upset if he is pitted against a friend in a fight or if a friend collapses during a fight of some sort. Fluffy will normally back down if he is told to fight, but if forced, he will fight strongly for the greater good. He usually will attack the person trying to force him to attack rather than attack his own friend, therefore he often thinks the greater good is to protect his friends and risk his life. He is created in his creator's likeness, being naive, unusual and clumsy. Strangely, unlike his creator, he is more selfless than selfish.


Attention! This backstory does not pay attention to the original FNaF F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Series. This backstory has been rewritten for personal reasons. Fluffy began when Prixy created him long ago. The original plan was for him to be a friend of Prixy's, just to keep her company while her imagination built her ideal world. During her transformation into a fox, he was planned to be scrapped. However, he ran away with all the other animatronics.

For a while, the animatronics lived in a small apartment building. It overlooked a large city. This was peaceful for a while, until a meteor struck the city, taking out every one of the buildings, including the apartment. However, Fluffy survived.

Fluffy was in a dormant state until the birth of the Animatronic Factory, where he met Krazy, Mark Twain and Zack. He became good friends with all of them, but when Shade came around, they split apart.

Fluffy eventually went mad, seeking refuge in an abandoned city. He decided to run home, but in the process, wanted to kill himself. He eventually dropped himself off a cliff, where he was saved by Prixy.


  • He originally had Spyro's color palette.
  • Fluffy is infamous on other wikis because he was originally overpowered.
  • Prixy states that she "never really liked Fluffy, so I created Prixy and Finn as a sort of replacement."
    • She later brought him back, though.

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