Flashlight is a fox animatronic currently in use by Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She entertains kids by making shadow puppets and encouraging children to do the same.



An 8 year old girl had a younger sister around the age of 4. Her sister loved the television Fredbear and Friends, which the restaurant is based off of. So when she turned 5, she had her party at Freddy's. The 8 year old, who had a fear of animatronics, was dragged along. She suffered an anxiety attack, and ran into Kid's Cove, where Flashlight malfunctioned and choked her to death. The child's soul then possessed the Flashlight animatronic.


Not to many years after Fazbear's fright burned down, a former employee decided to reboot the company. Changing the names and appearances of the animatronics to avoid copyright issues, the old endoskeletons were repaired and used in the new animatronics. Using Foxy's endoskeleton, Flashlight was created.


Flashlight is shy, avoiding other animatronics and the bathrooms, due to the mirrors. She is submissive and will do anything that she is told to do for the fear of being destroyed.


Flashlight wanders around the restaurant, avoiding rooms adjacent to ones with an animatronic in them. If she finds herself in one of these rooms, she will swiftly climb through the vents, draining power as she goes. before her jumpscare, you will hear a faint child's voice saying "I'm sorry".

At random times, she will give the night guard +1% power, along with the message "Don't say it was me".


  • Flashlight has a "sleep mode" and can dream while in this
    • She often has nightmares when doing this, often about a nightmare version of herself stuffing her into a Flashlight suit
  • She is blind in her right eye
    Flashlight's dream

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