FNADM 2 : The Starter or Five nights at Domino Mall is a sequel for the series, actually includes a third character.

Manlung the Rabbit

Is the almost-main character, just like phantoms in FNAF3, he only can Jumpscare you. but rather make you hallunactioning for 30 seconds.

As always, he pop at your screen with no animated jumpscare.

The Easter Egg Room

Find out the references your self ;-)

Easter Egg Room

TDP Productions & Entertainment

参照は... Kubzスカウトはその奇妙です、Markiplierはピンクの髭で、胸の中の青いミニカードはDanTDMです。そして忍者はtryhardninja、青い猫はキャンディー、アイスクリームを持つアニマトロニクスは赤ちゃんです。

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