"Razbunny Entertainment"


This is part of the Five Nights at Ravic's series made by Scopica. You may only read it, but don't edit it without Scopica's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also, this is pure imagination! Deal with it!

Five Nights at Ravic's 3 is the threequel to Scopica's series.




  • A lot of phantoms to avoid.
  • The lack of eye contact for Casper & Perry.
  • Tighten a wire's pipes with a screwdriver to keep Trapcat away.
  • Flashlight for Doggy.
  • Cameras for Monko.


"Thirty years... Thirty years I have since left that damn red rabbit... And now, they're building Ravic Scares.. This can't be right! They need to learn what happened on that day!"

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