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Staff are users that have a position of power in their user groups.

More info on user groups can be found here.

Remember, it's not about being popular or having a position of power just to fit in, it's about helping and being devoted to the wiki. Power is achieved by having a good record, being friendly and helpful to other users, and respecting members of staff. Others may be accepted because they are friends with admins, or because they can be trusted enough, so don't feel left out if that position you wanted was taken by someone who was 'trusted more'. There will still probably be a position available. Power is also very hard to hold at times, as you need to have a flexible schedule for times where you can watch the wiki.


Bureaucrats alone can't do much, however are the highest possible user group given by any other user on a wiki. They must be given the user group of admin if they wish to have any power over the chat/forums, etc.

List of Bureaucrats

Xersin (Owner)
HugeClockTowerFan (Co-owner, Bureaucrat [on break])
Foxdini (Co-owner, Bureaucrat)


Administrators can ban users in chat, block users on the wiki, remove threads, change others' user groups, and so on. They are the 2nd highest user group given by another user on a wiki.

List of Admins

Vyris (Admin)


Moderators have the ability to close/remove threads and replies on a wiki.

List of Moderators

Jillips Entertainment (Chat moderator, Moderator)

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators can kick and ban users on a wiki's chat. They cannot do any other functions on the main wiki.

List of Chat Moderators

Springy Boy (Chat moderator)
TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade (Chat moderator)


Rollbacks have the ability to undo edits quicker than normal users in the advanced wiki activity, history, or diff.

List of Rollbacks

The Name Is Nick (Rollback, Chat moderator)

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