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Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay Wiki!

Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay Wiki, currently with 97 active contributors, 2,808 files, 880 articles, and you can help contribute!

This wiki is currently used as a place where you can make and post fan fictions, fan-made characters/areas and fan-made art.

The main purpose for this wiki, however, is role-playing. This of course is done in the main chat or on the forums.

Be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines before you begin participating!



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  • Smt64

    We all love the series we play/watch/read but there is always an point when something is disturbing about it and i would be only using series I witness so this is 5 series with something disturbing.


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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, I was looking at my old blog posts on the main wiki, then I saw my short story that I submitted for Pink Freddy's contest thingy

    And now I'm going to revisit it and try to make it into a full on s…

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  • Phealan1

    Okay. Legend predicted this already and some on the Discord already know this but...

    I'm dating CastAway. Before you ask, it's not been for long. 

    EDIT:Thanks so much for the support! It means so much! …

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