picture by Mangled Dis is ma Oc paeg pls donut steel mai oc or foxy husbano wil coem to ur houze and punch ur FAAAAAEC

Mai husbando ocee

Fexy 2.3

mai kawaii senpai husbando x3 he's mien so dun't taek him (no matter how cute an temptin' he ish X3)

dis ish mai husbando, fexy da pir8 version 4.2.0 he ish a improvent frum da orignal versun an he nao ish vry coot and lovable evryone luvs him an wantz 2 cuddel em dose who sey dey dint r obviuly lier hatr punkz so dun't listn to dem

Impruvmentz frum orignal

he ish an impruvement frum his oringal versiun, da must notiecable bein' dat he ish nao moar coot and lovable, evryone luvs him nao cuz he isn't torn up no moar

nao he's my kawaii husbando X3

he alsu ish much fasttr an cen run sooper fast

dat isnt stolen frum sonic either so dun't assume dat or I'll deelet u frum weekee and tell da adminz dat u were meen to meh

Frends an Famly

Fexy luvs evryone and evryon luvs em he is frend to all cuz he ish so coot

dun't lie an sey dat u dun't luv em cuz I kno dat evryone luvs em

jus luk how coot he is! X33 <3

Fexy da pir8 verisin 4.2.0 has no famlyies doe ;-;

he doezn't kno his deddy so pls giv him lots of luv pls

he criz evrday ;-;;; itz so sad it maeks me wonna cri

if u don't cri den u obviouly r a hatr and u hav no soul >:(

so dats mai ocee gui plz no h8, dint lie abut nut wuvving him eithr I c striguht throo ur liez x3

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