(I was on a FNAF Chatzy RP and my name was Female Lost Silver since I read the Lost Silver creepypasta. And I respect criticism to this character due to all means)

"Sing to me songs of the darkness… Your word to hide my death…"

-Female Lost Silver


Lost Silver has messy black and very pale skin. She has black eyes with red pupils. Lost Silver has no arms and has blood tearing down on her face. She wears a gray tee shirt with a white hoodie. She also wears gray jeans and black shoes. on her head is a gray and silver baseball camp.


Lost Silver was a kind Pokémon trainer but is sadden because her Pokémon, Hurry died and she died soon after. So she is usually sad most of the time, drifting off into the past. But ofter then that she is always determined to try to do things even though she has no arms. Lost Silver is also well-spoken and tries to be happy as much as possible. She is also insane in a way


Originally, Lost Silver was a Pokémon Trainer by the name of Gold. Gold had a lot of money and put her life to Pokémon and cared very much about them. Gold was known for collecting badges and winning Pokémon battles making her very famous. After a while Gold found herself somewhere she has never been and found some Unowns spelling out the word 'Leave'. Gold just cared on with her life and ignored it. After wandering around for a while she found a sign 'Turn Back'. Gold got confused and decided to turn back around. She found herself somewhere and saw people who were red. She got creeped out and walked away from the people. She saw a person who wanted to battle with her. She released out her Cyndaquil, Hurry and the person released his Pikachu. Both Pikachu and Hurry died. Gold mourned for Hurry. She cared about Hurry very much. Gold's arms were chopped off when she was walking home at night after Hurry's death. She stayed inside her apartment all day and didn't report about her arms. She started to turn pale after the days. She managed to get her door opened and walked out of her house late at night, still overwhelmed by Hurry's death. Gold fainted from the loss of blood and woke up in a stone room. Gold unfortunately starved to death and died, alone. She was cursed into the game Pokémon Silver when it was made and wandered around the game giving her the name Lost Silver. Lost Silver is also cursed to find any player in the game and kill them in the real world.

(yeah I know I suck. I made it up as I was making it)


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