Feferi Peixes is a character from Homestuck. Though, this is my AU for her.

Past self

Feferi, before everything, was called Her Imperious Condescension. also known as Betty Crocker, the Batterwitch and the Baroness. Being the highest high blood allowed her to be in this form. She owned the seas and oceans of Sburb in this form as well. As she was the best killer, aside from the Grand Highblood, she was brutally killed by Lord English on accident, as Lord English slashed her in the neck and stomach. Many people thought she was just KO'd, but she was surely dead.
Her Imperious Condescension

Past Feferi, notice the empress-like fashion.

Normall Self

Feferi had a tricky time when she was normall. Being killed by Gamzee, revived, being prototyped with Nepeta, everything jawdropping happened. She fought her way through being a princess, being dead and revived multiple times. Being a princess and the highest high blood was awfully hard for her. After she got in a major fight with the Grand High Blood and won, she become the ruler of the throne. She smiled and cleaned up the throne room to her liking.
Feferi by sayanaki-d55jifl

Feferi before becoming the new queen.

Current Self (Queen)

Her theme song when fighting Gamzee and Eridan, with Meenah by her side. She became queen with her passions and loves. She ended up ending slaughter, just as she said to Eridan before they met. She vowed to only kill when a person is in deep trouble. She is happy to be a royall queen seadweller with respect. Though, she is still harmed from the fights and deaths she had. But she is in a relationship with Sollux, so when in deep battles, she always says "Well I think you're just mad cause ya single!".

Current Feferi, queen.


Her trusty weapon, the "Fury Trident", allows her to claim her rank as queen of alternia. She is gonna stay like this forever, until finally killed, which is unlikely now that she is in training for a hero. She uses the trident to stay heir to the throne.

Feferi's Trident

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