This is Fantom Mangel. It survived a fier. After the howrible fier , they surviveed, but fergot all their bes frends. Foxy doesnt liek them no more becuse its face is now ugly. Thats just dwn rite rood. Lukily, chica has come to help them fase there feers. Now itz happy, but burnt at saem tim. Isnt that grate?

Fun Facts

Eeven tho they surviveed the fier, it is very burnt and needz hellp.

Its other frends were burnt to. Bonnie cant plae gitar, chica cant shak her booty, and Foxy cant show his hook to khids. Sad

It is burnt, but their lugzorious body is still in takt and it has brite and buetiful pink daughts on their bodi.