Name:Fang,Melissa(Security Guard that was killed by Bonnie and soon discovered)


Age:23 at death

Apprearece:Gray cat with palle gray around muzzle and paws with sharp claws and teeth with golden eyes


Dislikes:Freddy,Golden Freddy


Fang can be very strict but kind to people. She is also the Bite of '87 victim but Foxy is sorry for doing it for her. She has a crush on him but doesn't really show her feelings to him. She usually works with Foxy to try to kill Mike. After being stuffed she was found 7 weeks later and put on stage with Freddy,Bonnie, and Chica. Her part in the gang is that she's the backup singer like Chica. In the day she is very kind. She is even to wallk around in the day but sometimes the kids would take her apart so she that is how is she became very strict. The kids sometimes get a little scared of her when they see her eyes turn black with white pupils when she gets angry from them sometimes taking apart. So the boss of the pizzeria decided to put up a new rule "Don't take apart Fang". A older kid took out her eye and took it home and an employee just put in another eye that was found in the back. At night she is extremely active and very sneaky she can also be seen in Pirates Cove with Foxy. She can be funny when she and the gang have freetime before Mike comes to the pizzeria.


She comes at both sides trying to catch you and her Jumpscare is her pushing claws in your shoulders and biting your frontall lobe off your head



Fang's running is pretty fast and almost like Foxy's running. If shes at either halls she will run fast so you have to act quickly


Fang taunts you when she is getting close to your office like saying "Its Me,Fang" or "You will never make it,Mike"

Night Mode

She and Bonnie are the first animatronics to leave the Show Stage first. Because Bonnie's on the left door she is on the right door but when Bonnie's in the Party Room she can go to either doors. She runs down the hall where Foxy tries to kill Mike. She and Foxy are mostly teammates. They are usually in Pirates Cove together and when they are coming out of Pirates Cove you see both of them. She tells Mike that she's in there by seeing her claw and her face then goes back in the cove. When they are coming after you Fang blocks the cameras so Foxy can get Mike. She uses her claws to put signs saying "Its Me" as a sign that she is coming to kill you. Mike also has a hard time to find her on the cameras.

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