Fang, one of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's old proto types of Foxy The Pirate, which was scrapped due to dangerous looks. Fang now remains in the Safe Room along with the SpringBonnie Costume, hidden behind one of the 3 machines.

Fang is about older than the Fredbear Animatronics as the Staff were attempting to make a Fox like animatronic for the kids, but did not turn out well after finishing.

Fang has 2 razor sharp layers of Teeth in his mouth, and Phantom Eyes based on Springtrap's eyes. Also has razor sharp claws, nearly about the same as Nightmare's.


Fang has a Dark blue torn up costume, which is covered in dirt, and dried up blood from an incident that occurred from an Older Location.

He has 2 layers of razor sharp teeth, and phantom eyes.

His endo legs, endo hand and part of his endo head are visible.

Fang is a fox styled animatronic.