This page is used for any fan phone calls about certain animatronics.

Night 1

Jasper (FNaF1)

"Uh... hello? Hello?  I would like to warn y-you, about a strange woman. She's tall- and orange. She seems to pose threat to the animatronics. Uh, she seems nice. I wouldn't worry much about her. Just make sure she doesn't beat up the animatronics or break anything- this place costs, uh, a lot of money. also, she seems to immortall... well, not immortall... but whenever she dies.. she tends to regenerate. Seems okay with the company. *PG laugh* Well, good night. *Line goes dead*

Jasper(FNaF 2)

"Hello? Uh-hello? I would like to inform you about one odd orange girl, with an apparent jasper gem on her nose- scratch that, it replaces her nose. She seems to be perfectly safe and can protect you from the burdens of those animatronics. She scares them, it, uh, seems. She's like, ninja fast and can transform, it's odd but true. She's no harm to you, trust me, I can know that. Well, uh, I'll see you later."


"There's an animatronic...boy in the place where the kids eat. I don't know how he moves so quickly,but i guess because he's a kid. You have to keep an eye on him when you're not checking on the other ones. He gets to your office so quick sometimes,you know? Sometimes the staff calls him Speedy or Jumper."


"I don't know if this is important info but a thing to note is, umm a human is in the pizzeria, I don't know what he is he usually umm... ehh he takes apart stuff and scavenges the pizzeria for tools or weapons."

The Incinerator

"Umm..There is one animatronic in the backroom..*cough* cough* I am not sure if he umm..-is being used anymore,the employess call him "The Incinerator". Umm they say that he likes to destroy the other animatronics just for the fun of it and the reason for his behavior or existence is unknown"

The Incinerator (FNAF2)

"Not all animatronics are evil and can get in the office. There's one in the Parts/Service room which is pretty much broken down, which is very nice to you and destroys the other animatronics if needed"

Kaine (FNaF1)

"Hello, uh-uh hello. I'm calling to inform you about this guy named Kaine. He seems to be some sort of spider-guy which protects you from the animatronics. If you ever see him, don't worry. He has webshooters and shoots webbing at the animatronics, pretty much saving you. Isn't that neat? *Throat cleared* This guy is a life-saver, but he only comes if you turn off the fan. Like a reall spider, he is sensitive to cold, so yeah, make sure to turn off that fan and let Kaine save you. allright, good night mate.

Kaine (FNaF2)

"Hello, uh hello hello! I'm here to inform you that a guy named Kaine is in this pizzeria, kind of like a saver. He went to this pizzeria because he helped loving people with their jobs *Throat cleared* Isn't that neat? So listen, sometimes Kaine will smash and effectively destroy the music box and the puppet thing, which saves you the option of winding up the music box. He also can wrap up animatronics in some sort of webbing, making the animatronics stop right in their tracks. Quite a guy ya know? also try to use the camera often, because the office can get cold, and Kaine is very sensitive to cold, like a reall spider. So heat it up in that room, and I'll tallk to you tomorrow. allright good night.


"Hello? Helloo? Uh, hey there. I want you to, uhh, watch out for some guy. He-he moves, even when the cameras are up... named only Joe... he's after you. But what could stop him, is that - oh, wait... he's able to break open the doors - so you can't stop him. However, I hear that he's like freddy, liking the dark-EXCEPT if you flash the light on him as soon as you see him. Uhh, the animatronics don't seem to care about him. Wonder why. So, just... flash the light on him whenever you see him, he can go to both doors. allright. Uhh, goodnight.

GoldenFreddy1987 (FNAF2)

"Hello? Heeeeeeeeeello? Well, I heard that a animatronic from 1987 has returned and is haunting this Pizzeria at night, His name is GoldenFreddy1987...He seems to secretly be at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza...He can seem to activate the animatronics at night...Yeaaah i think he does go on his own PC to go chat, He can even whisper some creepy things that are really unsettling...If you see him, Try shutting off the Show Stage camera because that is where he usually starts getting to your office, Yeah i know, You never shut off a camera before but, Its the only way. Just be quick about it... Anyway, Good luck! See you tomorrow! Goodnight!"

Pencil the Penguin

"Hello? Hello hello? OK, so you got my message. There's a new animatronic... Her name is Pencil. She tries to disable the Pirate Cove camera, so you might wanna be quick. She disables the Pirate Cove camera until you lower the monitor, so do that quickly. You might wanna hurry then, allright, goodnight [Insert Guard Name here]!"

Toy Brittney (FNAF2)

"Hello, Hello? I wanted to tell you about Toy Brittney..... She is in the Karaoke Room. She is very active starting at 1AM be aware and put your mask when she is in vents. Make sure she won't get in your room. So uhm yea Night!"


uh-hello!theres a-uh-well,we just recieve a new animatronic today,he name is 39,so yeah,he may say cursing sometimes,but he dont do it all time,so-(them the calls cut and 39 stars to talk) Well hello there mike,i have heard about you,and is just so stupid to do a job just for money,you dont even care for the animatronics,so,im gonna make your job impossible,but i only attack you if the powers goes off,so im gonna enter in your office to drain energy,so if im in the office wathever you do DONT TOUCH MY NOSE,ok now bye,*****( then the phone guy starts to talk again ) well i forgot to tell you 39 has a system that can make phone calls,so watch out,ok now bye! (hangs the call)

Night 2

Top Hat (FNAF1)

"Is this thing o-Oh. Hello, i'm pretty surprised you made it. So, we put in a new, uh, animatronic of the sorts. He's a sentient tophat. I know, it sounds weird, but they liked the idea and they made it! Keep him at bay by keeping your east hall door shut and if he gets in, DON'T MOVE. If you move, he gets you. So stay still like a statue, heh. Well anyway, he's joined the stage as a replacement for Dynamite. I don't know anything more, so just don't die. Goodnight." Five Nights at Top Hat's also won't exist. The creator has lost interest in FNAF and the game's been cancelled. -Ken


"Hello?, hello? Well i'm uh, kind of shocked that you made it to the second night! Uh, yeah, now remember to keep uh, Sona away from, the air vent...she...kind of goes uh, crazy when you let her get to close to uh, hot things. Well lucky you! There's um, gonna be another robot that they installed yesterday while you were uh, at your house! So her name is um, Snitchel...yeah, Snitchel. I never worked with her so I uh, don't know what you need to know to avoid her...but I do know that um, she mallfuctions sometimes and uh, yeah....don't....die. Well, um, goodnight!"

Night 3

Panswer (FNAF 2)

"Hello?Hey,umm...So If you are hearing this,then you have continued your night shift.Um,hey listen,I bet that by now you may have seen...That the back,um,yeah,that's another animatronic,um..i think he goes by the name,like 'Panswer' or something,he was used at the old location,to-to answer the kids questions,we had a room set up for him and everything,he was...More advanced than the other,some kind of Game Scoreboard thing,uh,advanced AI,and he even moved like a panther,zooming to the nearest kid who wanted to ask him a question...Then,one day,i don't know,something about a kid who accidentally thrown a cup full of soda,he then,basically went haywire,none of the co-workers and the manager didn't think much of it...h-he seemed to function just fine,then a kid got a high score on one of the games,it was like,'Lumber Sons Co.' or something...and the scores were full of just...numbers,th-the ones made a star..y'know,the 'evil star' um,they eventually found out it was Panswer,and he became...Decommisioned...Um,his claw mechanic made him deadly...One of the kids wandered in the back room and got,damaged,by him,they didn't want to make a kid-friendly version of him as the company was worried that he may become a potentiall the company*Clears Throat* he shouldn't be active,but if he is j-just keep peeking around the cameras,he is quick to switch rooms...Ok,that is it,don't...Don't get caught by,him,allright,goodnight."

Parafex (FNAF1)

"There's some rumors of a "wizard" or a "mage" inside the pizzeria i personally think its nonsense though i don't know if "he" is any danger or not you will perhaps find out so tallk to you tomorrow"

Phone Guy

Sugar the Cat (FNAF 1)

"Uh-hello? Hi, hello, uh, there is an animatronic backstage, uh, she was supposed to be added today, but, they scrapped her, but, uh, she comes in through the West Hall, so, keep an eye out for her, I think her planned name, was, umm... uhh. I think I just-OH YEAH SUGAR THE CAT! Wath out for shugar, I mean watch out for Sugar, I was just taking meds, tallk-k-k to ya-a-a-a-a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *call cuts out* ."

Brittney Bunny (FNAF1)

"Uh-Hello" I wanted to leave you a message to be aware of the bunny animatronic in the Karaoke Room. She is active usually I'd say 3 am. You shouldn't really worry, just keep an eye on her... Shes really sneaky and lurks in the dark... but hey, its a slight chance she won't come to you... You'd have to be extremly lucky though. a warning will come when she is near. It will sound like a "la la la la la la la" very girlish and happy. When you hear this just lock both doors immediantly. You wouldn't want her to come in would you? Anyways good night!"

Brittney Bunny (FNAF2)

"Hello, Hello? Great job you made it to night 3. allot of people don't make it this far. I wanted to warn you about Brittney. When you see her in vents or hall you NEED to put on mask immediantly. If you don't.. lets just say something horrible will happen... She will come in your room at anytime with no warning if you don't put it on.... So yea.... Good luck and see ya tomorrow!"

Spring (FNAF1)

"Uhh.. hello hello? uhh.. welcome back..? Um.. listen.. if you hear some scratching on the walls.. uhh.. I would suggest you.. umm.. uhh.... I don't have much time.. I think she's going right now.. uhmm.. just... don't let her uhh.. *scratching on some walls are heard* uhh.. just.. uhh.. Sorry.. but.. just.. just don't move! or make a sound! Uhh.. oh god.. I'm so dead.. uhh.. hold on.. uhmm.. w- *static*"

Raven Nightheart (FNAF1)

"Uh, hello? Hello, you still there? Okay, good. Anyways, uh, welcome back, and, uh, I need to warn you about something. That Raven girl? She's likely gonna be active tonight...And she'll likely, uh, try to pull a fake-out trick on you..You might wanna, uh, keep an eye on the vents...Anyways, uh, talk to you later!"

Night 4

Neon: FNAF

"Uhh hello? hello... There is-s-s a new animatronic, activated. But he is ve-e-r-r-ry dangerous, People say that, he disables your camera, and rarely... uhh... enables your kitchen camera, all you see is darkness. Plus If you see 2 white dots, hes in there. So just close your right door, and keep callm. Open the left door if no one is there, just go limp, just don't move. God, I allways think he is annyoying, because he keeps showing at my door! well anyways, hes probally going to disable your light a little, for both, then he is going to move sides, from left to right, so just go limp and close thoes doors allright? Just mind the power. Keep watch at your power, don't look at your monitor. Well, anyways, watch out for Freddy, you have been waiting doing nothing, anyways comsume power open, and shut your doors, and see you on the flipside! Bye!"

Neon: FNAF 2

"Uhh hello, hello. I have been waiting for you! but congrats! Night 3, no one makes it this far, but yah, the animatronics get activated every new night,hey,there is a new employee,h- *Static* my phone is not working good, *Long static..............* oh no...*xSCREAM2 Sound byte"

DarkStorm and FireBlast

Um...hello? Hello! Uh, just to let you know, there seems to be....Some people are here. We caught them on camera yesterday . And now the marionette is gone, lucky for you right, it just disapeared though. Before it left it shut off the camrea and just gone. Then it came on with blood written on the walls, I come for Darkstorm. Anyway, they were captured and forced to stay here. If they come into your office. Hide as quick as you can. They seem to have some magic powers or stuff.

~Static then another voice comes on.~

Look im Darktorm and me and King are tyring to help. Don't worry your going to be fine and the Phoen guy will too, we knocked him out. Just stay calm, trust me we know what we are doing

~A girl voice calls Darktorms name and the phone call ends~

Parafex (FNAF2)

"And also one thing to notice is that theres a mage here i think but a mage? really this pizzeria's staff are crazy goodnight!"


" Uhh... Hello! Hello! Yeah.. i have think you seen Kids Cove, correct? Did you... uhhh... Ever see the.... Fox under the table? That's Jangle.... she will well.... come for you like Mangle, Shes not aggressive though... i'm not sure why!"

Sugar the Cat (FNAF 1)

"Hello, uh, I-I got some info about sugar, uhhh, on the night before she wasn't acting up, uhh, wonder why, it appears that she appears to have taken a liking to you, uhh, anyways, watch out for her, she may kill you so you can be an animatronic, so, yeah.*audio cuts out, and cuts in an ad for toaster strudels* Toaster Strudel Ya?*cuts to femalle voice tallking in a gushed voice* Hello, Mike, I love you so much, ahhhhhhh~, If only I was human. Oh, Fritz is coming back, cya. *audio cuts back to phone guy* Sugar can also hack into phones, so, if you get any calls, mute them, and shut the west hall door. I'll See you tommorrooww!"

Kosh naranek (FNAF 2)

Hey man, you know the discoveries right? Well we found an old classic from 86, named in 95. Let me explain him. In yet another attempt to please the kids, we made our most interesting animatronic yet during 1986. His name is Kosh naranek, funny thing about that name. An actuall Babylon 5 cast member came over to the pizzeria to see him, Bruce Boxleitner to be specific. Anyways, be reall careful, the kids love him and he doesn't have the best temper at night. Phone guy- night 4 of FNAF 2.


uh-hello! night four,you have done so far,well you should by now all the animatronics including 39,right?well i need to say...........oh no-(then the golden freddy scream is heared and 39 starts to talk)well is so sad that your "friend" got killed by that golden bear,but i dont care,because now i just have to wait one more night to you to get out of this place,but whatever,let the game beging! (then the calls cuts)

Martin (FNAF 1,2,3)

Um Hello, Ah good to see your here for night 4. Hey now listen carefully there's animatronic that used to be on loan from a store not associated with Fazbears franchise. They went and bought a new animatronic to replace the one that we rented from them. Its still here. Look man this one night it would be best to just leave before those animatronics come online. Actually it might be safer to just go and stuff yourself in a suit than it will be if he becomes active. What can I tell you about Martin, well he's a Purple and blue Raptor animatronic, and just like in Jurassic park, he's smart, very smart, If he comes online to night or any night afterward, let any of the animatronics into the room, cause they'll be to scared to think about following the rules and stuffing you into a suit. The last time Martin came active he was responsible for the reason why Golden Freddy has no endoskeleton, he used a torch to weld the joints of the animatronic together. He is sadistic as he is mericless, in all honesty now, I wish I had let freddy earlier stuff me in to a spare, cause this is going to be painfullAAHHAHAHHHHH!!!!!!" Phone Guy Night 4 FNAF 1,2,3 (recording)

Night 5

Panswer:(FNAF 2)

"Hello?Um,i-is this thing on?Um,hey.Umm...So we found Panswer backstage,he-he had a finger,it was apparently,on-one of the animatronics fingers,but-but we cant find who it is,but,he should be off for now,i had tweaked him a little bit just in case,so you don't need to worry about him anymore i think...*Clears Throat*But anyway,tallk to you tomorrow..."


(39 starts to talk)WOOOHOO!this is the lats night with you,so when the night ends i can disable this ******* censorer and you can go **** yourself and i can ******* rest forever and let this place burn to the ground,actually,i never liked this place,so it will be good to escape from this place,but whatever,now let the game beging! (the calls cuts)

Night 6


"Uh hello?heh,uh,we installed a daycare animatronic... its really... uh,protective... his name is Howly,uh,he is aggressive,t-to Freddy and his friends uh...If he is active,keep an eye out for him,so that he behaves,the mask won't work on him,but if he is active,try to keep the cameras away from him,as he becomes,more aggressive if he is viewed by the cameras well,that's it...Tallk to you tomorrow..."

Night 7


"Hi? Um look I did something w-wrong, and they are very fast u-um look th-theres this guy they tried making a human-like animatronic umm *Clears throat* he was s-supposed to entretain the children he would be the Arcade guy k-kind of how Foxy is the Pirate's Cove guy, look he is a big threat, I suggest immideatly closing the door if seen on the hallway, both of 'em *Clears throat* he's very fast to move so I-I think that I at least- *Animatronic screech* *Phone call ends*...

ReallBoy (FNAF 2)

"Um he.hello? Uhhh I-I do-don't have a-any idea of wh-what you're doing in t-there, umm I-I ah *Clears throat* look theres th-this new animatronic *cough* um th-theres a new animatronic his starting area is not visible h-he is su-supposed to b-be on the arcade he is barely v-visible *Clears throat* he mostly goes to dark spots/areas y-you c-can see his head on the G-game area so be careful, um check the dark spots, put the Freddy head as fast as you can. Look, Ill take the Nightshift after the place re-opens so umm just- *Children scream* Shut up! -finish your shift, tomorrow will be the last event bring your uniform and make sure that everything is fine, okay bye. *Phone call ends*

Ryan:(FNaF 2)

"H-hello? I still don't know what you doing here anyways. Well, so, there is a man that's working late tonight as well, so maybe you should keep the animatronics away from him! Yeah, well, he can sure handle himself, and he's just here to keep the old animatronics in their places tonight, so they could get ready for transport to the new resteraunt. I guess you won't have to worry about them tonight! Heh, heh."

Hollyleaf: (FNaF 1)

"Uh hey! Welcome back for another night *Coughs* I am sure you saw that cat in the back room, right? Well I believe her name is Hollyleaf. It was a suit we had for a long time. I'm surprised that it has so little rips in its fur. But you have to be careful with her. Her claws are very sharp. We were thinking to put her in use but the claws and a rotting smell. also the last Night Guard before me actually disappeared. It was her last night and she just… disappeared. also Hollyleaf is fast I think. And if you hear scratching down the halls or fast footsteps close the doors quickly because it is her. Well as always have a good night!"