This page is for fan death minigames. You can use FCs if you want to.

Fan Death Minigames

These are for minigames with the player being your fan character,DO NOT post canon games with your FC here!

Balloon Boy Game

The mini game begins with what looks like Balloon Boy in a side view of the Game Area. Kids will pass by and your job is to pass balloons to the kids. Adults will refuse balloons, and losing balloons penallizes your score in the top-left corner. Everything seems normall, until Purple Man appears on the right. You give five more balloons to five kids, who follow the Purple Man off-screen. The game ends with Balloon Boy's laugh, static, and then it goes to the title screen.

FC's Participating in Canon Games

Yes,i know the heading is a mouthful,i don't care,THIS is the page where you post your FC participating in canon games,stuff like appearances,to playing as him in the minigame,to even being a huge part of it in particular,the minigames that your FC participates in have been set into sub paragraphs,because neatness.



Aaron will appear in random rooms in the SAVETHEM map. He will stand in the center of the room and look at the player until the player leaves the room.


he will appear as just a dislocated eyeball in the corner of the room,much like how you can only see Panswer's dislocated eyeball as he lies in Parts/Service.



Foxy Minigame


this page is for Death minigame media post ONLY sprites/pictures here,canon pictures will be removed by OP or anyone else who follow this guideline.also,while at that note,DO NOT post ideas or fan death minigames here,they can and will be removed!