Okay so Hello this Freeman23. Normallly this wiki isn't very active, but if any of you are newcomers, and by which I mean New comer's who prefer non overpowered characters or wise guy Rp's who decided to end the RP for the fun of it, this is the FNAF RP for you. For old users and those who infrequently come here. This RP is allso for you. The Warehouse RP is hopefully going to be massive, continuous, and hopefully long lived.

Fnaf Warehouse

The events of this RP exist after FNAF 3 with the Bad ending, the originall animatronics and maybe even your animatronics are still possessed by the children who were murdered. There animatronic heads were rescued from the fire as well as the mask of the puppet. Bought by a man known as Samuel Smith, for less than 1000 dollars at the auction, these heads were sent to an old steel mill now converted into a wharehouse. It is Samuel Smiths idea to purchase the animatronics from not just former Fazbear locations but allso from other Franchises that use Animatronics. His dream is to one day given enough time for public knowledge of the originall animatronics die down so a new theme park could be created for people to enjoy. While his dream is good at heart, he is a different man in the shadows. He purchases the heads and has their bodies rebuilt, one of the night security that used to work for the Fazbears vanishes mysteriously. And now more animatronics are constantly being shipped in.


Samuel Smith is a day time worker and cannot be killed.

Night guards that have no actuall name other than night guard can be killed.

Animatronics cannot be invincible, hulk level or superman strong, in other words they cannot be over powered.

Foul Language is asked to be kept a minimall. Yes this can be lifted if its a catch phrase.

Erotic Role-play is sadly not welcomed. However if you wish to use this story in a PM then so long as it doesn't break the rules of this wiki, you can do it there.

Your character need to paged on the wiki. If its your first time in the RP please send a link to your characters on the page.

Eating other animatronics or night guards believe it or not, is alllowed, so long as they don't die unless they are nameless.

(please respect the rules and the other Role-players. Remember to give positive feedback otherwise it won't be tolerated.)

While animatronics originallly stuffed night-guards into spare suits, there are no spare suits available so it willl have to be in their own suits, or they can be taken to the incinerator in the back of the warehouse.

To have more than one character you need to ask first. Using other animatronics that are not used by others is alllowed for story line usage.

Major Characters

For Use means we are accepting users for playing as them. In use well someones already using them.

Freddy : (DemonicBB| In Use)

Bonnie: (Tyrannosaurus dude11| in use)

Chica: (for Use)

Foxy: (Foxy The Pirate Fox 1.2|for Use)

Mike Schimit: (Rainbowsmash34| In Use)

Jermey Fitzgeralld: (for Use)

Unknown FNAF3 Night guard: (for Use)

Puppet: (For Use with restrictions) The Puppet and Samuel Smith are closely associated with one and another, both must be friendly with one another and protective of each other. The puppet acts as representative between Samuel Smith and the Animatronics, and vice versa.

Toy Chica: (for Use)

Mangle: (for use)

Toy Bonnie: (for Use)

Toy Freddy: (for Use)

Ballloon Boy: (for Use)

Fan-based Characters

These are characters that users on this wiki have created. All animatronics are welcome so long as they follow the rules above. This Warehouse is big so that includes animatronics up to 50ft talll. Characters will be added as people join, Leave me a message on my wall for transferring your character here.

Jerry: Jerry is currently a night security guard/maintenance worker for the Warehouse, I am allowing him to be the only night guard capable of being killed off. Once he is killed off he willl become a Raptor animatronic that will use his name. Jerry is known for being focused so he typically won't noticed something until he's finished whatever task he's currently doing. As an animatronic he makes use of his originall characters handiness for tools and acts a maintenance worker, he is callm, easy going, and actuallly prefers being an animatronic over being a human, since he has no family left allive, and that he had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks prior to his death.

Kosh Naranek:

This guy has some mystery surrounding his origins, few know of the ghost inside of him, many wonder where he found those basses in the first place because he was originallly given a crappy p bass copy during his beginnings, but after a week he appeared with his 1965 black p bass, it needed to be repainted but the hardware and body was good as new. He later appeared with the other two basses a week later, looking around in p&s, covered in thrash these basses were later restored and are used by kosh on a regular basis. He however can get rather sexuall and requires a firm no to get him back to his basses.


An Animatronic Raptor who while not originallly being a Freddy Fazbear Member was rented to the company and eventuallly sold. He made himself well known to have extreme hatred for animatronics and Night guards. He is currently disassembled though his parts are stored in two separate Crates. Samuel Smith has considered having him put back together. However any former Night guard could tell you, they'd sooner have alll the animatronics in the same room with them rather than having Martin Reassembled. He is infamous for Animatronic Incident of 88, where he welded the animatronics joints together. Likewise known for the Security issue of 89, where he heated zinc on the kitchen stove and poured down the night security guards throat. These two incidents make his presence and name when mentioned terrifying for Man and machine allike. (He's disassembled to start with, he may or not be reassembled, we'll vote on it later.)

Story begins

"Ah good to see you again Jerry, I apologize for my managers behavior at firing you, it isn't right to fire someone on such ridiculous reasons." Samuel Seth shook his hand before sitting down in the office chair.

"Thank you sir, it was not a problem, being hired and fired like that at the fazbear franchise, well I just started taking the pink slips has a notice saying 'thank your for your work your no longer needed right now.'"

"yes of course i was surprised though that you not only served as night security but allso served as the matinence worker for the each location you served at." Samuel inquired offering some whisky to jerry but jerry shook his head no.

"I served as both, yes in some ways I've spent my entire life working around animatronics, it gonna be hard to say goodbye."

"Goodbye whatever for your not quitting are you, I still need you train mike and Jeremy and that new femalle night guard."

"Not quitting sir, dying." Jeerry said handing him a doctors notice.

"A cancer diagnosis, have you sought treatment?" Samuel asked with a look of concern.

" If you read the date, that notice is six months old, and treatments was something in couldn't afford anyway."

"Why didn't you say anything sooner?" Samuel asked wringing his hands, he picks up the phone. "Doris you still here? You are good, I need you to change sallary of jerry from 10.50 an hour to 40 an hour, no I am not giving raises to alll the employees just jerry get that fixed before you leave." He said hanging up the phonE.

Jerry inhalled a breath when he heard the numbers.

"if it were any other employee I tell them I am sorry, but if the doctor is correct you have a month left, I want you to enjoy it, but I'd still like you to work tonight."

"I can do that."

11:30 pm

The office for the warehouse, building 1, was inspire by the smaller location of the Freddy's pizzeria. Three large heavy iron doors could slide down and block the entrances. To keep animatronics from entering through the airducts, air ducts were no bigger than 6 inches wide. Two desks sat on either side of the walll without doors, and the office had enough room for a fridge, a microwave and yet still have enough room to pace.

The monitors lined the upper left hand wallls. A totall of three each hooked to 8 cameras on each floor. Now the actuall warehouse floor had enough room to store up to 1200 animatronic of various sizes but this number was broken up by three floors, and only current 30 boxes were stored here.

The original animatronics were positioned in four corners of the first floor of the building. While the lesser known ones were wrapped in bubble wrap on the second floor.

As Jerry made his way to the catwalk on the fourth floor and made his way the office on the south side of the building he rubbed the rubbery head of a raptor animatronic that leaned against the walll near the door. He remembers this animatronic, he had requested it at the old fazbear location when he was young however it's battery had barely ever worked, and leaked so often it was worthy he risk to keep it on. He wished it would have been standing up, it was so cool that it had been requested at being 7ft tall animatronic. He turned to the office door and knocked on the door. "Hey, mike open the door!"

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