June 12 1945 Manlung was created.

June 14 1945 The programming has been done and so the ice cream restaurant.

August 10 1945 Ice Creamy Yummy Restaurant were caused "Burn of 45"

May 24 1956 The owner had heart attack, but saved.

June 12 1962 The owner made a new animatronic, Monring, and the building also made.

July 30 1962 As the restaurant getting into boredom, Monking were made.

October 24 1983 The business was coorperated with Fredbear Family Diner.

November 2 1987 The coorperration were cut by The Bite Of 87' and coorperated with Freddy Fazbear Pizza.

August 10 2029 Jason finished the series of FNADM by burns himself and Fazbear Fright with the hidden Monring and others at the safe room.

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