June 17 2017 A creator risen this timeline.

December 10 3987 Henry was born. (Hey, i were born at December 10 2008.)

March 21 3999 Henry got a low reputation at London, New York, Liberty.

March 22 3999 Henry works at Monring Birdy Fries that was shut down.

March 23 3999 The 2nd Night.

March 24 3999 The 3rd Night.

March 25 3999 The 4th Night.

March 26 3999 Walter quits his job to give advice and The 5th Night.

March 27 3999 After the 5 nights, the 149th owner sure the restaurant are safe.

March 29 3999 Monring and Monking are fixed and in game, Dayshift mode are unlocked and playable in-game.

April 1 3999 Henry receives his paycheck.

July 13 3999 Henry became the employee of the month.

November 9 3999 Henry's reputation are full at every country.

December 10 3999 Henry's birthday

December 24 3999 Henry is fired.

January 1 4000 Season 3 are served.

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