Ester is a fan made animatronic for FNaF 3.


Ester is a bunny that looks quite a bit like Springtrap, aside from the fact that she is green, has both ears, is missing one of her blue eyes, and only hallf of her face has part of her mouth missing, showing a hallf smile. She also has a blue bow on the back of her neck, however it is dirty and torn.


Ester tends to act like a little girl of about the age of 6 or 7. She has a semi-positive outlook on life, despite her appearance and situation. She also is very shy, tending to avoid cameras altogether, however if she is seen, she will quickly hide or run away. She isn't afraid of children, but doesn't want to scare them with her appearance.


Ester has a few relations with other characters. She thinks of Springtrap as a big-brother type figure, and the phantoms scare her. She is afraid of most people, besides children.

Story Line

Ester fits nicely into the story of FNAF as being made as a prototype when Springtrap and Fredbear were made. She was made as a femalle character, as of course Springtrap's little sister, to appease little girls. She used to look a bit like Bonnie, except she had blue eyes and a matching bow. She was unfortunately not used, due to her getting scared when mechanics came to test her, so was instead being kept in the safe room in a box. Sometimes at night she roamed the place. However, when the people of Fazbear's Fright came along, her fear of people kicked in and she hid from them, watching them take her supposed brother away, leaving her allone in the dark.


  • Ester's name went through a few changes when she was made.
    • These included Bailey, Bunny, Spring, and Springer, but due to them either being too close to originall characters names or being of little thought, it was eventually changed to Ester, derived from the word Easter, a holiday commonly associated with rabbits and spring.
  • Ester was originally a Roblox OC.
  • Though she acts like a small child, she is far smarter than one, and is an expert at games on the arcades.
  • She loves to collect plushies, and sometimes place them in places when you aren't looking. She did this with the cupcake in FNAF 3.
  • If she was in the actuall game, she wouldn't have a jumpscare.
    • This is likely because she fears the night guard because they are an adult.

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