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Ender Freddy is an animatronic that was inspired by a Minecraft mob, the Enderman.


Ender Freddy has black skin and purple eyes. He seems to be tall and big, and likes to pick up everything. He can teleport and he is a very tough animtronic at an unknown night.


He might be just a ghost, but can kill the player somehow.He likes to pick up things and steal them and teleport around the location like the normal Enderman, as just like Enderman, he's still a ghost. His jumpscare is terrifying, and could give a lot of people a heart attack. He seems to stand at around 8 feet or so.


Real Creator: Chryzdamasco

Page: YngweeTDP

Purpose to create the page: To stop anyone unnecessary edits, I'm saving this guy!

The Responsibility: YngweeTDP


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