Necronomicon Ex Mortis Folio
Name Edward (Eddie) Hyde
Gender Male
Birthplace Unknown (claims to have seen the fall of lucifer, which would place his birthplace as heaven, though this has not been confirmed.)

From head to toe:

  • Black brimmed hat, with a leather band.
  • longer than floor length cloak, black, unknown material that seems to have infinite room/pockets
  • White Hawiian shirt, patterned with dragons and tribal patterns
  • White baggy pants, and studded belt.
  • knee high leather boots.
Height 6' 2"
Weight 230 (demons never weigh properly
Eye Color Green with a "cat like" pupil
Hair Color Blackand spiky, with a white streak on the sides.

"Hello folks, it's Eddie J Hyde, your favorite demon!"

Eddie is a demon (prefers daedric being) who has wandered for millennia. His face has a tribal smile permanently etched into it, and tribal markings around his eyes, the smile is deep into the skin, and jet black, the eye patterns look similar to an Egyptian style. His left arm is covered in a full gauntlet, from finger to shoulder, and strapped tightly across his chest. In actuality, his left arm was removed during a battle in "the war", which eddie refrains from speaking about (How the gauntlet moves on its own is another mystery completely.


Eddie's origins are unknown. He claims to be a fallen angel, but no one can back his story up. unfortunately, through time, people who haven't believed his stories have called him insane, making it hard for him to keep friendships, and housing. Notoriously, during a rousing and eventful practical joke session, not only did he singlehandedly start the paranoia behind the salem witch hunts, he was also burned at the stake.. it got better..


  • Potions
  • Interdimensional portals
  • conjuration of nearly anything
  • Hello, I am now reading your thoughts.
  • .... That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen someone think about...
  • There's a 4th wall?
  • what do you mean I need wings to fly!?
  • what are these laws of physics you speak of?
  • am I going to be arrested for breaking them?
  • Oh, and I can fix almost anything..  I'll stop breaking that 4th wall now (0_O )


  • Love
  • Women
  • Beer
  • A good book
  • Pizza....  obviously

Power Supply[5]

  • Eddie: Nearly Limitless Demonic energy
  • Gauntlet: Construct power core, linked to Eddie's energy


Friend to all, enemy to some, acquaintance to everyone else.


Eddie is basically an extension of myself, except he's a quirky, trollsy, lovable demonic oauf. My roleplay style apparently "breaks the rules" on other sites, but literally, breaking 4th wall, apparent "godmoding" and other "you can't do that!" moments can be described with these simple rules eddie abides by.

  1. I'm dead, you can't kill me.
  2. I'm a demon, deal with it
  3. Is that a quarter behind your ear?
  4. I don't have x-ray vision, but I can tell you exactly what your body is doing.
  5. I need about tree-fiddy.

thank you for bearing with me, finally I have a place to reference people to when they ask what the hell I am! 


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