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Dolly is a strange ragdoll met by Vince whilst at Brusque Manor. She is able to move around, like Vince, and is able to talk by pulling a string attached to her back. She claims to know Madam Charmaine, and agrees to take Vince to The Carnival if he gets rid of the monsters on the 2nd Floor. Following Vince's defeat of the monsters, she says they'll take a train, but it is only a toy train in a large town model. Vince starts complaining, and while he isn't looking, Kosmo appears and pulls her string, causing her to become angry with Vince and start fighting him.


The first impression of Dolly is that she is friendly (If somewhat peculiar), because upon Vince's first meeting

Dolly sitting

with her, she greets him happily and asks if he would be her friend. Most of the time they are around each other, Dolly speaks sweetly, with a childlike demeanour, and acts kindly to Vince. She also apparently has a bad temper, and can easily be annoyed or angered. This is proven when Vince suggests he help her after he

Dolly pls

saves Madam Charmaine - at which point Dolly's eyes become red and her voice demonic, telling him 'No deal'; but then almost immediately returning to normal. She can also be somewhat rude - an example being her calling Vince 'short stuff' (despite Vince being almost the same size as her), yelling at him in her demonic voice for not defeating all the monsters (but quickly saying 'Oops! Excuse me.' after this). She was also became enraged at Vince when under the influence of Kosmo . Vince has referred to her as 'psychotic'.


Dolly appears to be a glass doll from the 1900s; whilst her head is glass, her body is comprised of some kind of fabric or felt. She wears a fancy pink dress and hat, and her hair is orange and curly (evidently) not made of glass. She carries a tiny, lifeless French poodle, who she calls Fifi, with her. On her mouth, there is a hole in the middle and a string on her back, which are both used for speaking. Her eyes are dark blue, but turn fully red when she's angered. She also has a lazy eye, which slides around whenever she moves her head while talking.

500px-Demonic Dolly

When Kosmo pulls her string and she becomes enraged, her face splits in half revealing a dark grey, metal skull with red eyes. She also becomes slightly larger and loses most of her hair. She can throw her poodle into the air and it homes in on Vince, exploding on impact. She also has a turret gun on her stomach.

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