Disgusted Tails or "Tails Disgustica" is the most disgusted being on Earth.


Disgusted Tails is basically just Miles Tails Prower, but he always has a disgusted expression on his face, further to support that he is the most disgusted being on Earth.

The Disgusted Tails image


As his name suggests, and the thing that I always put in here, Disgusted Tails is always disgusted by everything and everyone. No matter what happens or what you do, he is disgusted.


  • Disgusted Tails is a meme character that originated from an image found on e926
  • Disgusted Tails' full name is "Miles " Disgusted" Tails Prower"
  • I actually started the Disgusted Tails meme, PRAISE ME
  • It is possible that Disgusted Tails has a brother, but it is unknown who it is exactly
  • The Disgusted Tails image was a panel from the Sonic archie comics

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