This is THE WAR KID's RP character. Currently WIP

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Basic Information

Full Name: Derek Baker

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 5

Species: 'Human'

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Style: Laid-back, Friendly.

Height: 6

Weight: 320

Eye colour: Left Blue, Right Red

Hair colour: Dark brown (It looks black unless you look at it in the light)


Derek Baker is an older night guard, who wears the usual work clothing but with his own hat, blue trucker hat with 'Overcharge' on the front in orange, the O having a sniper-like cross in it, and the font of the text is 'Overdrive Sunset.' Outside of work, he usually wears a red hoodie, dark jeans, brown hiking boots, and his hat.


Derek was an older worker of the restaurant, and worked for about a year as day guard, tell he was switched to night, and his first night got malled, almost killing him. Before he was stuffed, however, he was saved, allowing him to be hospitalized and saved in time. It was said he wouldn't make it, but life said 'Ima be nice today' and allowed him to be able to take metal augmentations on his bones and more metal patches and sheets to attach any internal organs cut. Becuase of this, it makes him technically 'invisible' to normal animatronics, as they think he's in a suit or something like that. Instead of suing the company, they offered him endless everything from there, and higher then-minimal wage if he worked there again. He did work again, as his nephew, Levi, loved the place, and loved it even more when he got to see one of his favorite cousins there, too. For this, his work time is day-time on Friday and Saturday, and night for most of the week Except Sunday. Becuase of the metal augmentations, they also altered his brain, purely to both not have much of PTSD, and to help him with sleep, as he was nearly deprived of it before hand. His medical bills, however, were off that charts, and is working off the bill by working at the pizzeria.


He has no relationships with anyone as of now.


1) Derek has a running Gag of loving Milkshakes.

2) Derek, even though he wasn't supposed to have PTSD, he did, somewhat, and occasionally would have hallucinations.

3) Derek, via his metal parts, has made him tougher than the body builder, almost a thick metal wall.

4) Derek, via his metal parts, makes actual animatronics think he's a real animatronic.

[ More will be added when thought of. ]

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