"Yea....Oh yea, yea! We had this...Thing, from an Old Location, it wasn't a Pizzeria, more of a fright, but hey, it got closed down because this..animatronic thing was too dangerous, so i don't know if he will become active or not, but if he does, it's best to do the same of what you do to the others, ok? Ok, Good Night" -Phone Guy, Night 4


Demonic Springtrap, an animatronic used from a new Fazbear Fright, but recently got shut down as Demonic Springtrap was too dangerous to handle. Many Children and Adults were injured because of this Animatronic.

Demonic Springtrap is now kept in the Backstage of a newer Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is where the Toys are entertaining at now. Demonic Springtrap is in severe Disrepair.


Demonic Springtrap's appearance is the same as Springtrap's, except one of his hands are claws, he is severely damaged, and his eyes have a glowing red iris on the inside.

His colors are just grey and black, with oil stains all over him because of the Backstage's damaged environment.


Demonic Springtrap starts in Backstage, which when he goes into any location, that room will go all dark, and only his red eye iris' are visible.

Once he is in the Office, the lights will flicker, at that moment, there's no getting him out, his only entrance into the Office is through the vent, so the player will have to close the vent in the nick of time.