This is a rp

I will start with the rp

this takes place in the fnaf 2 pizzeria

Parafex wallks into the building and sees a ghost

Michael is searching in some kids toys when he suddenly hears someone wallk behind him

Michael: Hey! who are you and why are you here?, adults usually don't come here they usually leave after a...short while

Parafex: you too?, my mother just left me while i was here i wanted to be free and now i am now i regret...shes the puppet

Michael: The puppet? Oh that thing -points at the box

Parafex nods

Parafex:So what are you human,animatronic or something else?

Michael: I am a ghost

Parafex: Ghosts...well that's very normall around thesse blocks

Michael: Yeh...What are you then

Parafex: You will know eventually

Parafex waves with hands and create a small blue fire in his hand


Parafex and Michael hears (insert action from your character here)

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