Dark Springtrap is a form of Springtrap. Not much is known about him except he only transforms when he is extremely angry. He possesses far greater power than Dark Sonic, and unlike Dark Sonic, who transforms into Darkspine Sonic when he has enough Arabic Knight Rings, Dark Springtrap requires even more anger to turn into Darkspine Springtrap.


Dark Springtrap has a white body, his eyes are entirely black with red pupils and the rest of him is blood red. Blood leaks from his mouth and eyeballls, making him similar to Sonic.exe. Hallf of his tail is sliced off and more rips are seen on his body.


Dark Springtrap acts like Dark Sonic, but unlike him, when he tries to tell his friends to go away and they don't, he always ends up brutallly attacking them.

Dark Springtrap is extremely unstable, which possibly leads to his anger.




"I will KILL YOU"


Chaos Blast
His most common attack. He shoots a blast that does 300 damage.
He runs/flies at the enemy and pins them to the ground. Similar to WWE's Spear used by wrestlers.
Dark Asylum
Dark Springtrap turns himself into a pitch black version of anything and summons Asylum Meteors to attack his enemy. This is unavoidable and does a lot of damage.
Time Freeze
His most powerful attack. Stops time around his enemy and attacks them with random attacks that range from Chaos Blast to Dark Asylum.


  • Dark Springtrap is seen as a force to be reckoned with, as he has defeated beasts such as Beastly and Tyrant.
  • Dark Springtrap is extremely obsessed with dark energy. This explains why he is so unstable and arrogant.
  • Dark Springtrap has been seen enslaving his enemies, such as Purple Man. (Though this may have been one of his robotic minions pretending to be him.)
  • Dark Springtrap is extremely dark in his personality.
  • Dark Springtrap, when transformed, doesn't communicate with friends, he only says the explained quotes and if they don't leave, he attacks them.

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