Dark Freddy is Freddy but he is dark. He came from Freddy's shadows and somehow turned real.

He has the same things as Freddy but he is a tiny bit faster, he can be weak sometimes.

He hates light the most.

He can only be seen by other Dark Animatronics

Health: 9874

Strengths: can blend in with shadows, can disappear

Weakness: hates light, if there is a light he takes 473 damage per second


FNaF 2 Dark Freddy is like Withered Freddy but darker. He appears random when Freddy moves around.

There is also a Toy Dark Freddy

FNAF3 Dark Freddy disappeared when Freddy got burnt

(This is Foxy Oh Foxy's art and OC. Do not use it for anything)

(And more will be added.)

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