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Daedra Dremora is one of 3 Dremoras in the planet of Nirn, and is one of 2 sons of Aedaedra Dremora.


Daedra Dremora was created in 1E 248 by Aedaedra Dremora. 300 years later in 1E 567, he intervened in Molag Bal's attempt to use Coldharbour and Nirn into a single planet of hell. After he killed a few of Molag Bal's slaves, he was trapped and ultimately banished by Molag Bal. 

He later found his way back into Nirn in 2E 472 after spending hundreds of years lost in space. After he got his revenge on Molag Bal alongside Aedra Dremora, who was also banished by Molag Bal, by summoning Aedaedra Dremora, who demolished Molag Bal in a legendary battle. 


Daedra Dremora has the same suit as Aedra Dremora and Aedaedra Dremora, except the colored parts are a glowing reddish-grey. He wears a mask with the same traits. His suit looks severely damaged due to age.

Not much else is currently known about his appearance.

~ Will be updated soon ~

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