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Delivery Boy, abbreviated to DB, is a scrapped animatronic in the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Delivery Boy is a humanoid animatronic with a slim body, peach colored skin, large, brown eyes, an orange triangular nose, brown hair, and a toothy grin. Like the other toy animatronics, he has rosy cheeks, but they are coloured purplish-red. DB is as tall as Toy Freddy unlike BB.

He wears a white and red striped shirt with a white apron with the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza logo on it. He also wears a white chefs hat with the same logo as on his apron. He wears dark blue pants, with brown shoes. In his right hand he holds a plate witch is supposed to hold food as he delivers it to a table.


DB was originally an experiment animatronic used to see if they could use a robot to deliver food to customers. The animatronic worked perfectly, but only for a couple of days. The animatronic would drop the food on customers, on the floor, and it even wandered around trying to find it's destination. They quickly scrapped DB and put him in the back room for later use, though he does come out and wander like the other animatronics.


DB's movement pattern is random, he will enter rooms cluelessly and eventually walk in through the hallway. DB will not attack the player, but he will block the hallway with his tall frame, making it so the player cannot see other animatronics in the hallway or use their flashlight against Foxy.


  • DB was created before BB.

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