Curson is a young treasure hunter, and one of the many humans who ventured into Fazbear's Fright alone.


Curson has long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and two roses in her hair. She wears a knee-length white dress, with white ballet flats.


Curson was born in New York City, and frequently went with her parents to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, falling in love with the characters.

When she was 12 years old, her parents were killed in a car crash, leaving her the only survivor. She eventually ran out of money, and due to being unable to find a job that would pay her enough to pay for food, she turned to stealing to survive.

Upon reaching her 14th birthday, she developed the ability to read and understand the Zalgo language.


  • As mentioned, Curson can read and understand Zalgo.
  • Due to being a thief to survive, she is agile enough to leap from building to building.
  • She can sweet-talk or bribe people into doing things for her. However, she needs to be calm to do this.
  • She can easily spy on people to learn things from them.


  • She actually scares easily, causing her to be terrified around the Withered animatronics.
  • She is easily embarrassed, even more so when around someone she has a crush on.

Power Supply

Pretty much a normal human's power supply: Sleep, food, and water.


  • Sly Cooper: Romantic Relationship
  • Fire: Unfriendly Encounters
  • Seiko Shinohara: Close Friends
  • Aki: Close Friends

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