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You can read Crimson Freddy. In fact, you may only read it, but don't edit it without Chiselerlikescheese's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also keep Mangle's gender how it is. Thank you.

Crimson Freddy (AKA Red Freddy) Is a fan character by CLC. He was inspired by a dream


Crimson Freddy, being a ghost, has different forms, all appearing similar to Freddy or one of his counterparts, except red. He sometimes has dust on his "suit"


He can turn invisible, create hallucinations, and can teleport, But can't directly kill the player




Crimson Freddy will teleport around the area, and can disable CAMs. While he can't kill, he can crash the game on Nights 6 and on, but is easy to repel.


  • As stated at the top, Crimson Freddy was inspired by a dream
  • Crimson Freddy has 2 jumpscares, the first is when disabling CAMs and the second causes the screen to black out and return for some time.
  • He can be considered a Nightmare Animatronic, as he can take the form of such an animatronic

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