What is "It"?

It was an unexplainable thing that now have no genders, nickname. and even heart!

We don't know what is this thing, but better to call it a "Thing" for now.


It is a living thing that was created by Vely.

It was imagined by Jason to be a living rat, and that's when Vely was hired to be a Animal Proffesor.

She created this thing with the following ingredients.

  1. A rat.
  2. 20 Shark Teeth.
  3. Shrink Machine (Created by inventors)
  4. Dark yellow and lighter dark yellow paint.
  5. Furs.
  6. Red-pink eyeballs.
  7. Cat's claws. (For legs)
  8. Tiger claws. (For hands)

And voila, it was created.

But sadly, it ripped her insides and taking her bladder from her stomach, stabs her numerous times with it's tiger claws, after that, she died brutally.

It roams around the streets, finding a place to stay, and finally, it found Jason's apartement.

When Jason came home from work heading to his his apartememnt room, he found blood at the hallway, dead bodies, even bladder insides at the hallways!

When he got inside his bedroom, he heard footsteps, he grabs a flash light, a kitchen butcher knife, ready to attack Kevin.

And that's when the game started.


God Bless You!!!

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