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Crafty is an animatronic version of Alex from the titular video game Minecraft and will be an antagonist in the fan game idea Five Nights At Miney's. along with Miney at night, just like the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, she wanders the attraction and will attack and kill any human she encounters after-hours.


Crafty is based upon a skin of an animatronic alex similar to AtomicCookie's Steve animatronic skin on Planet Minecraft and looks very much like alex for the most part, but has rosy red cheeks like Miney and the toy animatronics from FNaF 2. just like alex, she has green eyes, a green T-shirt, brown trousers, grey boots, somewhat pale skin and Orange/Yellow hair.


will add when game is finished


will add when game is finished


will add when game is finished


She will jump at the player just like Toy Chica, even holding her left arm aside, as if she had the cupcake


  • Whilst alex's gender is debatable as they are intended to be gender neutral, Crafty is female
  • Unlike alex, her hair does not go over her shoulder
  • She seems to have a strong disliking for Toy Freddy, possibly due to her origins
  • Sometimes leaves behind a message: 'WHY ME?'
  • She seems to share many parallels with Toy Chica, almost as if she is Toy Chica's echo

more will be added when game is finished

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