It's been years ever since the children came. Although tiring and repetitive, we miss performing. We are rotting away in this abandoned building ever since that new pizzeria opened. We all seem to be rotting away, our suits corroding and our circuits failing. We wish to be entertainers again, we wish we could enjoy ourselves again.

We hear a creak of the rotting wooden door, and the quiet footsteps of somebody walking on the tiled floor. Could it be? Somebody to entertain? Somebody to greet? Peering closer with my bulbous green eyes, I see a tall adult human wearing a familar hat and uniform. The energy throughout the building is going mad. Freddy's looking around like a kid in a sweet shop on his stage. Chica's malfunctioning jaw chatters uncontrollably. The puppet's waiting for his music. And i'm staying focused on my task, to greet the human like we did so many years prior. We stay on our dim performing area, the lights darkening as it becomes the classic 12 AM. As Mangle, who is just a rusting, malformed endoskeleton with just an ear now, rattles in Kid's Cove, i wait for a good moment to strike.

I start moving. Making a loud noise as i rush to Party Room 2, my torn feet walk across the floor i know too well. Mangle, that sly fox, acts like she's got the upper hand 'cause she can climb. But i'll get him first, that's for sure. As i move across the hallway to Party Room 3, I see Mangle trailing behind me in Party Room one. I chuckle at how far behind she is. I'll get there first for sure. Chica's still slumped down on that rotting wooden stage though. Mabye she's just patient as her beak rattles.

I manage to crawl into a vent. Rusty, old, and the old sign of Balloon Boy's that was left behind as he was demolished by the owner, possible to avoid the 'Hello's and 'Hi's, that I can't lie, were irritating beyond beleif. I start to notice the old office getting closer preparing to slip out and say hello to the guard. He has his broken cameras up, and as i peer closer, i can see that he's winding the Puppet's box. The music sounds distorted and it skips a few notes, but I guess that's alright as we aren't the cleanest either.

I jump out of the vent, and just as my stand up, the guard's.. Gone? He was right here, but suddenly Toy Freddy's sitting in the chair. I leave him, just in case he gets angry at me for attacking him. That seemed suspicious thogh, i'll watch that later.

(WIP, Will work on later :>)

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