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Colgate TITpaste is a premier paste owned by many consumers around the globe. It has many uses, and some odd side effects.


The box for Colgate Triple-Action TITpaste.


Colgate TITpaste was invented by an anonymous inventor after nearly three years after discovering that all normal paste was only suited for teeth. He stated that paste should not be just for teeth, but for the whole body, mainly around the chest area.

He developed the paste to appear as normal paste, but when applied, turns into a foam that cleans with ease.


The product was named TITpaste by the inventor's son, after reading the intended use.


The inventor tried to submit his product to Crest and Aquuafresh, only to be turned down. He believed that his product would not be accepted by any other companies and would not be sold in stores by any company. About two weeks after the inventor was turned down by Aquuafresh, he received a letter from Colgate. The letter explained interest has been taken in his product, and that a meeting for the following weekend was to be proposed.

He met with Colgate's representatives to exchange the formula for seven digits, and twenty percent of all sales.

Colgate tried to package the product in multiple manners. For sink use, it was packaged in a tube. For shower use, it was packaged in a spray can.


It didn't take long for TITpaste to become very popular around the world. Consumers from around the globe praised it for the multiple uses possible with said product. The owner of Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon stated that he loved TITpaste for the cleaning uses of his entire body, as well as being safe for his teeth. He donated $10,000 to the cause of TITpaste later on, causeing Colgate to sponsor his company.

Side Effects

One man from Ohio called Colgate Consumer Affairs, speaking incomprehensible language, and stating that said product made him feel like Bob Saget. Other consumers later stated that they felt identical effects. Colgate later temporarily pulled the products from the shelves, stating that they were to review the situation. After some modifications to the product, TITpaste was back on store shelves again.


Colgate TITpaste is one of the best selling brands of cleaning paste around the globe, is a sponsor of Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon, and shows no signs of being discontinued.

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