This page is for all Chronos built animatronics.

Chronos the Bear

Chronos the Bear is an animatronic bear. He is a tan bear animatronic with a blue hat and bowtie. He is the main Protagonist in Chronos's pizzeria. Everynight instead of killing the guard he goes into sleep mode. He wakes up in the office where he must survive till 7 am.

Withered Chronos

Withered Chronos is Chronos but more damaged. His jaw is broken the outer shell of his arms are gone revealing the endoskeleton. He is missing a leg and one of his eyes are gone. He is only seen in Chronos's mind. He wishes to escape His mind but to do that he must kill Chronos in his mind.

Phantom Chronos

Phantom Chronos is Chronos but burnt. He looks similar to withered Chronos except he is missing his left ear. He also has tons of wire sticking out of him. He wishes to escape like the others.

Shadow Chronos

Shadow Chronos is Chronos but black and Gray. He looks completely undamaged except he's black. His eyes and teeth are white. He wishes to escape.

Evil Chronos

Evil Chronos is Chronos's evil twin. Unlike Chronos he is pure evil. Chornos was forced to seal him away in his mind. Evil Chronos has attempted to escape many times. He has blood red eyes and sharp teeth. He tricked the others into trying escape.

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