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chris cat is a child who was eated by an animatronic so he is evil and a child and a recolor...


Chris Cat, is not an animatronic, but rather a specialized combat robot created to counter the possibility of the original animatrons escaping the pizzeria.


He has a feline robotic appearance, with a simple chrome black color scheme, and has large green eyes, with pupils that constrict or dilate depending on the user's mood.


As he is meant to restrict the other animatronics and is from the same company, his design is roughly based off them. With the material he has been forged with, his power rivals the strength of the possessed animatronics. although there come times where it is heavily damaged or brought to the brink of death, the character can never die; only when his lack of hope and willpower does not allow him to continue is he truly dead.

His design changes with each iteration, whether it be weapons or features.


Chris Cat actually comes from an old 1987 arcade machine called "Chris Cateer", salvaged from the remains of the second-generation Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Since this character has only appeared in this game, little is known about him as the arcade machine was used as part of the scenery in Fazbear's Fright (albeit being unrecognizable) and was not found after the fire.


Character design

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