Chocola and Vanilla are secret catgirl animatronics, who have achieved sentience.


See the photo to the right. Chocola is on the left of the photo, while Vanilla is on the right of the photo.



Chocola is shy and caring, and is one of the few animatronics to not actively pursue the nightguard at night, alongside her sister. If she sees an argument or a fight, she will attempt to break it up. If Vanilla is hurt, Chocola will chase after the person who hurt Vanilla, and attempt to get revenge.


Vanilla is the more levelheaded of the twins, preferring to stay out of fights. She, like Chocola, does not prefer to pursue the nightguard at night, deeming it "a pointless, aggravating endeavor". Despite her appearances, she is actually the more aggressive of the twins.


  • Nailing cat imitations.
  • Slightly enhanced speed in the dark.


  • Chocola and Vanilla are both from Nekopara.
  • Boom boom, Pierrot made stuff up again. (Their weights)
  • I edited their heights too.
  • I found this calender picture and loved it, so I used it for their infobox picture, as well as their AU appearances.