Disclaimer:This is a joke OC and is not meant to be taken literally

Chelsea iz a chinchilla animatonic with a big but and boobs and when she walks bye the guyz say 'dam look at dat hottie'. But she stuffs them ina suit with her bf freddy!!1! tho freddy doesn't know she is cheating on him weith toy chica cuase they both have big tits and are secrely lesbo!1!

And in fnaf 3 she functions like an animtonic and trys to kill the player because she is mad that toy chica and fredy were taken away from her1! if the player is cought bye her they will make ot with chelsea and if they're lucky they'll make love!11! on night for tho she lovs springtrap and they can be seen doing da do in da ooffice


(On a serious note, please don't take offense to that 'lesbo' part are the 'making-love' part. Thanks! Also, don't put her in a category. Ya know, cause she's a joke OC)

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