Chaos was created as the first Chaos Animatronic in The Tower, and is the leader of the Chaos animatronics


Chaos is evil, he uses very Mental influence to scare his victims, and uses slow and painful torture to kill his victims, Chaos lurks in the shadows, and strikes suddenly, he goes to the point of mentally tricking someone by ripping his own body parts off, and reattaching them, He will even rip his Jaw open and use it to break someone, quite literally

He has also been known to target Mentally Weak people and kill them through Mental breaking and physical destruction of the body

Method of Jumpscare

Chaos uses many methods to jumpscare the player, but his most notable is hiding in the shadows in hard-to-see locations, before pinning the victim down and breaking the victim mentally and physically, he should be considered to have the longest jumpscare out of all the chaos animatronics

How to defend yourself

Chaos has a unique way of fending himself off, by the time you see him, chances are you have collected The Camera monitor, check ahead of yourself or behind yourself, and if he is there, Don't Hide, but instead, Go to him, and stand up against him, Chances are that Its a Mirage, and it will fade away

In the case you come face-to-face with the Real Chaos, attempt to distract it, by throwing an object behind it or quickly ducking around a corner and attempting to play audio, this will distract it for enough time for you to hide, in which, you must remain COMPLEATLY silent, while most Chaos animatronics have Leaway for noise, Chaos doesn't, in fact, he will put his head near a locker to listen

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that Chaos cant see well, sudden movements and noises will set him off, thus triggering an attack from him, and then causing death

There is a way you can tell a mirage from the real Chaos, Mirages have a faint purple mist around them


Chaos can be considered to have a lot of abilitys focused on breaking a person mentally, this includes but is not limited to

  • Hallucinations
  • A Music Box that plays eerie music
  • Summoning more Chaos animatronics, though this takes time
  • Duplicating Himself, though the mirages cannot harm
  • His color naturally blends in with darkness, making him seem like a ghost to some


There is actually quite a bit of Trivia for Chaos

-Chaos is the first Chaos animatronic

-Chaos is the leader of the Chaos animatronics

-Chaos has both a nightmarish corpse inside of him, and the chaos endoskeleton, efficiently making him a Hybrid of a Corpse and Animatronic

-Unlike the other Chaos Animatronics, Chaos requires a compleatly unique way of warding him off, while the mainstream way is similar, it has a different mechanic

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