Celestia is an entertainer at the New and Improved Freddy Fazbear's, being the host of the night-exclusive Ludenberg Gambling Arena.

At the end of some RPs, she survives, but during other RPS, she is executed by another character.


See the photo to the right.


Celestia is a calm and collected individual, keeping her emotions held within. She prefers to avoid interacting with people outside her matches, though during the daytime, when she is restricted to remaining indoors, she will communicate with the animatronics and patrons to ease her boredom. She isn't afraid to show distrust or dislike, and can be seen as a negative person at times.

Despite her appearances, Celestia actually does care for her friends, with most of her RP deaths being her choosing to be executed to save them instead.


  • As a vampire, Celestia's speed and eyesight greatly increase in the dark.
  • To counter this, during the daylight, her speed and stamina are greatly reduced. Because of this, she prefers to stay inside during the daytime.
  • Due to her title being the Ultimate Gambler, Celestia rarely loses a gambling match.



  • Celestia originated from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. As she is my favorite character from that game, I wanted to make a tribute for her here.
  • This is most definitely a WIP.




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