New and Improved

Cartoon Funtime Foxy is a starter character in Fazbear & Friend's World. She is the redesign version of the original Funtime Foxy. She is an anthropomorphic vixen and is Foxy's love interest.


Cartoon Funtime Foxy is a humanoid vixen of average height and slender built. She also has a long fluffy tail with a white tip, long hair which she wears in a red hairband with a lock on each side of her head, a tuft of hair on her forehead, and white-tipped feet. For attire she wears a crimson sheath dress with a white button near her left shoulder, crimson bracelets, and crimson slippers. She has bright red cheeks and red coloring at the end of her snout resembling lipstick, long eyelashes, a red bow tie, a speaker on the middle of her chest and possesses both of her hand, unlike her Adventure Counterpart from FNaF World


  • Cartoon Funtime Foxy design is based on Zooey from Sonic Boom.
  • Cartoon Funtime Foxy's loading screen is referring to her being a new and improved version of the original version of Funtime Foxy.
  • Out of all the animatronics, Cartoon Funtime Foxy is the one who changed the most from classic to cartoon version. First of all, She entire body scheme was changed, and She was given a speaker, so Kids can heard her voice more clearly. This is because the original Funtime Foxy was too scary for kids.
    • Cartoon Funtime Foxy's adventure counterpart is shown to be missing her speaker box.
    • She is also missing her whisker-like wires that she had in The Return of Fazbear & Friend's.
  • Funtime Foxy have more counterpart than any body in the series: Funtime Foxy, Cartoon Funtime Foxy, Withered Funtime Foxy, Phantom Funtime Foxy, Nightmare Funtime Foxy, Jack-O-Funtime Foxy, Funtime Foxy (Fazbear & Friend's :Sister Location version), Withered Funtime Foxy (Fazbear & Friend's: Sister Location version).

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