Cameran isn't a single animatronic, but rather a line of animatronic surveillance units that share the main purpose of monitoring and recording activity and have proven to be excellent choices in especially difficult environments, performing well even at night.

There have been many lines of Cameran units over the years, including the Performance Line, the Enhanced Performance Line, the Beta Line, etc...

A Brief History of Cameran

In the 70's, a man by the name of Alexander Scotts Chole discussed some ideas of his with a close friend. In many of these conversations, they discussed on how they might aim to enhance the underwhelming surveillance equipment of the time and improve it with the emerging field of robotics. Some time later, the two men came together to develop a mobile camera system. A system that could record footage while walking around the perimeter of a building, effectively protecting it by collecting as much video data possible from many places throughout the facilities without the need for a multitude of stationary cameras.

They tested out many different prototypes of camera before settling on a specific type of animatronic endoskeleton to act as the body of their camera. As you can imagine, having a fully capable walking endoskeleton acting as a personal surveillance system in the 1970's was pretty impressive, however, the first prototypes faced a great deal of setbacks to their modern equivalents. Many of these early animatronic cameras were on wheels instead of walking with legs, and instead of sending live footage to a monitor instead they sent a signal to a series of alarms to make them go apeshit.

These early prototypes were called Monitoricks, an early predecessor to the Camerans.