"Hello? Welcome...WELCOME BACK...A TRUE STORY...But we just improved it...-Bartek The Bunny.

Bunny Location The Improved is the last FNaF Location... It is Great!-F.. It is a GIANT MEGA BUILDING,

Appearance: Status is good...And everyThInG./fkjc?fde?f!?ee!!?!.

Band:Bartek,BartekBot,Fixed springtrap and bonnie,Kuba,Kuba Animatronic.

Guard:Freddy Fazbear: status:Dead FOREVER,only made it trough 1 night.Guard 2:Chica:statuts: Alive(if you beat the game she dies)

Scrapped:Shadow Freddy,Noob and 2014 Guest,golden Freddy and the Puppet.

Cams 1:Stage 1,2:Stage 2,3:Playground,4:Dining,5:Playground 2,6:Vent,7: ntrance,SouthHall,8:MainHall,9:Party Room,10 BackRoom.

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