Buck The Waiter Bunny is a waiter animatronic and a character at Noah's Pizza Parlor.

Phone Call:

"Hello? Hey! welcome to your second night! well recently we went to a abandoned location of a rival company of Fazbear entertainment and found a grey bunny that was rotting in the backroom with this humanoid animatronic they might be good exhibits they are in the Display Area if they move just shock them with the shock so good night."


Buck was created in 1982 for Noah's Pizza Parlor which operated from 1983 to 2010 when they shut down to remake the animatronic's which they remade with new suits and endoskeleton's around 2020 the place closed down and the animatronic's were sold to a company that is planning to make a museum about Fazbear Entertainment and its rival companies the museum opened and has been running fine but that is all about to change.


Buck is a smart and friendly rabbit he likes to play little jokes on Noah ticking him off he also has anger issues but he controls that.


He is a grey bunny animatronic standing up to 5'1 feet he wears a black bow tie he has blue eyes his withered version includes him having a large rip on his left arm and and left hand bare endoskeleton.


Buck is in no way related to Bonnie The Bunny they are the same species but they have different roles

Buck was originally gonna be named Benny.

He has his own game on the FNAF Fanon wiki called Ten Nights at Buck's.

Buck was originally a rat animatronic prior to being changed into a bunny.

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