Brittney Bunny


Brittney is a female animatronic bunny who lurks in the Karaoke Room. She is very jolly, happy, nice, and friendly to all; however, she does in fact, have an dark side which she keeps deep within herself. This "evil" side of her was formed by a glitch. She is very compassionate about music, which she is also highly inclined in. She has a speciall talent in which she can play any instrument she picks up. She enjoys helping the kids learn how to play music, and even lets them come up on stage with her to sing and play along.

Evil Self

As previously mentioned, there is a glitch deep within Brittney, which seems to happen most commonly in the later hours of the day. This is likely because of her intentions of attacking the night-guard. She despises this evil persona, and sees it as a deformity of herself. When she becomes this version of herself, she is a lot more aggressive, and is not at all like her other, friendlier self. Though strangely, she is still very compassionate about music.

Evil Brittney

Evil Brittney


Brittney's family members in the pizzeria are her two cousins Toy Bonnie and Bonnie. Her best friends are Chica and Toy Chica. She has a secret crush on Toy Freddy, and is nice to every animatronic no matter how they behave.

Toy Counter Part

There is a Toy counterpart of Brittney known as Toy Brittney. Brittney does not like her Toy self, nor will she ever. Toy Brittney is bratty and rude. She is almost like an opposite of Brittney, and enjoys the evil side of her. Brittney refers her to an "over-groomed doll." Oddly, she enjoys to stab people........

Toy Brittney

Toy Brittney (Pointing Upwards)

Human Life

Before she was stuffed into her suit, Brittney was a human known as Krystall. She knew the 5 kids who were murdered during "The Missing Children Incident", and was killed a few months later by the same murderer. She had blonde hair and pink eyes, and wore a pink torso, blue jeans, a pink bow in her hair, and pink sneakers.




Brittney has a very kind nature. She has no hate towards others (besides Toy Brittney) and is friendly to everyone. Despite having an evil side, she feels as though her friends, along with her, can accomplish anything together. She fears her evil side coming out at any random moment and confusing her friends. Therefore, she hides herself whenever she starts to feel glitchy.


Brittney belongs to the user: [[User:Foxina 2.0]]


Brittney is very inactive until Night 3. Her low activity is due to the fact that she is very nice. She rarely comes to attack, but when she does it is out of her control, as it is her dark side actually attacking. Before she stuffs the guard though, she will reboot herself, save the guard, and apologize for her actions.


Brittney's Jumpscare

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